Scriptorium at Home
2013 – 5 hours
Hosted 4 people, sharing of scribal knowledge.

Classes Taught at Local Fighter Practice
July 2014 – Taught Basics of Illumination & Scroll Layout at 2 1/2 hrs
August 2014 – Continued with Illumination & Scroll Layout 2 1/2 hrs
September 2014 – Taught Shading 2 1/2 hrs
October 2014 – Taught How to make Scroll Blanks for Beginners 2 1/2 hrs

Winter University 2014
Taught “So I Want to Be a Scribe, Now What?”   2 hours
A beginners class (but anyone is welcome) to learning the basics of scroll layout and design,  how to get inspiration from medieval works of art, and hands on experience with layout and technique.

Summer University 2015
Taught “The Fundamentals of Scroll Design”  1 Hour
This class will cover the various layouts of scroll design, how to get three different designs from one illumination, and encourages students to bring samples of their work if time permits.

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