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Greetings, I am Baroness Aemilia Rosa and  I live in Carroll County Maryland with my husband, who is also an active SCA member, son, and am owned by 3 cats.IMG_20150426_180314

When my husband joined the SCA, I was busy at my doll business going to conventions and he kept trying to entice me to come to one of the local baronial events.  I finally gave in and wore my clothes bought at the local Renn Faire and and went to my first event.  What surprised me the most was how friendly everyone was and how eager they were to share what they did, whether it be A&S or fighting or Archery.  Then I sat through my first court and saw the scrolls that were presented.  That really got my attention!   I love the art of illumination and calligraphy.  I asked my husband how do I join and the rest is history.

Baroness Aemilia Rosa

Kingdom of Atlantia Backlog Deputy Clerk signet
Bright Hills Baronial Clerk Signet
Bright Hills Baronial Webminsiter Deputy



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